A Portable wall in minutes...

The Port-A-Wall is a lightweight, portable, and cost-effective room divider for both household and business use. Our product is the affordable answer to a temporary wall used to partition and separate spaces and can be set up in just minutes with absolutely no tools required and little to no assistance.

Uses are endless: medical screening, privacy in shared spaces while on travel, in business or in the home. If you need temporary privacy and partitioned space, the Port-A-Wall may be your answer.

Who Can Use The Port-A-Wall?







Frequently Asked Questions

One adult can set up Port-A-Wall without help.

If a piece of the Port-A-Wall has been broken or lost, we sell replacement parts here.

Yes the Port-A-Wall is 24” x 5” when disassembled in its carrying case and will fit into most standard sized suitcases.

No, the Port-A-Wall can be assembled easily without any tools.

When assembled the Port-A-Wall is approximately 70″ tall x 72″ wide.

We normally ship within 1 to 2 business days. You should normally receive your order within 2 to 10 business days depending upon your distance from Virginia.

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