Port-A-Wall ‘Lends a Hand’ to Veterans through Helping Hands Dental Foundation

Goode, VA – February 10, 2016 — Port-A-Wall is pleased to announce their support to Helping Hands Dental Foundation, a 501c3 which serves Veterans from all branches of the military with basic necessities and dental care at Veterans Stand Downs and throughout the year.
Port-A-Wall, which has been in business for over a dozen years, specializes in providing privacy barriers for medical and dental screenings, disaster relief situations, emergency response, commercial offices, and in schools and churches for classroom partitions.  The Port-A-Wall is a lightweight, portable, and cost-effective room divider that can be set up with absolutely no tools required and little to no assistance.
Responding to a request from Helping Hands, Port-A-Wall was happy to donate to the cause.  “We are honored to be able to donate temporary walls to help our Veterans get the privacy and dignity they deserve during dental exams and procedures,” said Ray Pfaff Port-A-Wall founder and CEO.   As a veteran, Ray knew their temporary wall product, which sets up in just minutes, could offer privacy for medical and dental patients in temporary spaces used by Helping Hands. The opportunity to offer their annual charity-of-the-year support to Helping Hands was an easy choice.
“Port-A-Wall picks one charity a year to receive portable walls to help their cause,” said Amy Cox, Port-A-Wall Business Development Manager.  “Organizations must meet certain criteria and are selected based on need.  We knew that Helping Hands was a group that could benefit greatly.”  Interested organizations are encouraged to visit Port-A-wall and send a request via the request form.  Please note that all inquiries must come in writing.
Helping Hands was founded to serve Veterans and their families.  Through their organization basic necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, water bottles, socks, wipes, oral cancer screenings, and various levels of dental care are provided.  “All services are provided solely through donations, and the Port-A-Wall was excellent in providing an instant private office to partition off privacy space for our use,” said Helping Hands volunteer and organizer, Dr. Ortiz. “Every year we are encouraged by the support for our program, and we thank Port-A-Wall for their contribution.”
To learn more about Helping Hands Dental Foundation, visit them online: http://www.helpinghandsdentalfoundationinc.org/
About Port-A-Wall
Port-A-Wall was founded in 2003 in response to the need for affordable, temporary, lightweight, portable room dividers.  Customers include hospitals, government and military sectors, emergency response personnel, hotels, theaters, convention centers and consumers for in-home use.  The no-tools-required, easy-to-assemble, compact and lightweight portable wall has been used in wide number of applications including medical and dental screening, disaster relief situations, emergency response, commercial offices, and in schools and churches for classrooms —in each case providing privacy and the ability to partition off areas to make the best use of space.
To learn more, visit Port-A-Wall at www.portawall.com
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