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Port-A-Wall was a product inspired by a necessity. The inventors own a timeshare with only one bedroom, yet with two beds.  As the family grew, the need for space and some level of privacy became quite apparent. After searching for a cost-effective and portable solution, they realized no such product existed that could do what they needed without considerable investment renovating space or room dividers that were too expensive and not travel-friendly. A need was born and the inventors set off to create a solution.

According to the well-known saying, “necessity is the mother of invention” identify a practical problem, invent a practical solution.”

Like any invention, the first prototypes were not quite right. Some were too bulky, difficult to set up and simply did not travel well.  After a few attempts, they created a design that was compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and travel with—and more affordable.

Friends and family saw other ways to use the portable wall and it soon became apparent they might actually have a legitimately great product. Competitively speaking, there were similar products, but nowhere near the price point, they could sell it at while still recognizing a nominal profit.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
-Kurt Vonnegut

They decided to move ahead and embark on the patenting process to assure the product was secured. With patent in hand, the founders researched manufacturing organizations to choose one that would be able to produce the product in a way that it would remain cost-effective but keep the integrity of the product design intact. The objective was always to create a quality product that was affordable and so, to that end, they reviewed several options until they found a suitable match.

Though they released the product in 2003 with conventional direct efforts, the founders quickly realized they had to invest in some outbound marketing. A website was designed and they pursued advertising to align with potential buyers. With visibility, the company immediately saw growth and Port-A-Wall began to see success.  Customers saw a much-needed product at an affordable price and the intended simple room divider started being used for a litany of unforeseen and creative uses: clinical screenings, offices, dorm rooms, events and so many more. The low-cost, transportability and easy-to-use and set up product became a perfect fit in many scenarios and environments.

Port-A-Wall continues to grow with founders who still run the family business today.  The company strives to provide a quality, general-purpose room divider/privacy screen at a reasonable price for any customer.

Ray’s children nicknamed him MacGyver because he could fix or come up with a solution to just about anything. While planning a vacation with his daughter Amy and husband, Ray came up with a portable wall to put up between the beds. The “portable wall” or “privacy wall” became an idea that their daughter Amy encouraged Ray to explore for production and sell to others. The Port-A-Wall concept was born.

Ray’s son, Darren was instrumental in helping him get the business up and running. Darren played a key role in working with Ray to take the privacy wall from concept, to design and production. He also assisted with the website concept to bring sales across the internet.

After receiving a patent Ray and Karen filled their garage with Port-A-Walls and began selling them.

Sales flourish as many schools, hospitals, families on vacation, health screening organizations use the Port-A-Wall for privacy walls.

Ray hired his Daughter Amy in 2010 to learn the business and take over the daily operations.

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